ISM Final Presentation Night

Mrs. Harris's Harbor

This annual event presents a great opportunity for students to gain exposure to the ISM program and the opportunities it can create for them.

Who: GT students and parents

What: ISM Final Presentation Night

Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time:    Product Displays 6:30pm (Walk around and look at the different products the ISM students have been creating with their mentors, and ask them questions if you’d like!)

              Mentor Recognition 7:05pm (Sit in the auditorium and learn about the program and listen to the students thank their mentors.)

              Student Presentations 8:00pm (Visit a your favorite student’s product presentation to learn about what went into its creation!)

Where: Heritage High School Auditorium

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6th GT ILA Independent Reading Assignment – Unit C

6th Grade Independent Reading
Unit C


  • Students will read a work of science fiction and create a presentation for the class in which they explain the main literary elements of the book (characters, setting, plot) and demonstrate what qualities the book or short story has that fit it into the Science Fiction genre.

Daily Grade

Students will receive a checkmark each day they come to class with a book for independent reading and read continuously without interruption for the entire SSR time.  The daily grade will be based on the percentage of days that they come to class prepared and participate in SSR.  This should be an easy grade!

Minor Grade

Students will receive a minor grade for the presentation they will present over the book or novel that they read.  The presentation requirements are listed below. 


Presentation Requirements

Explanation of the setting

10 points

Explanation of characters

10 points

Overview of plot (don’t give anything big away!)

10 points

Elements of Science Fiction that the story has

10 points

Recommendation – Would you recommend this story/book to others?  Why or why not?

10 points


How will I present this?

How you go about presenting your information is up to you.  Will you create a PowerPoint?  Make a movie about it?  Create a poster?  Maybe a newsletter?  Use Glogster or Smore?  The possibilities are endless.  Be creative with it!  Your presentation must be ready to present on Friday, February 14.  If it is something that is electronic you can share it with me through e-mail (, Google Docs, or bring it on a flash drive.  It is your responsibility to have your presentation in an easy-to-access place so we can quickly open it up.

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MLA Formatting

Check out this sample paper to see how to properly format your Hero Definition Essay.

6th Mythology Newscast

Below are myths that you can consider using for your newscast.  You may also use a myth you already know, or research and find a myth you like.  If you choose a myth on your own, make sure to get it approved by Ms. Robinson.


Ovejita and Senor Coyote

The Kind Fool

The Poor Man and the Snake

The Vision Quest

Walumbe’s Revenge

Some sites to help you in your search:

8th Grade CoMC Annotation Books

Here are the specifics for how to approach your annotation book as you read The Count of Monte Cristo.

  • Vocabulary – 100 vocabulary words – write the word, page #, and define it (daily grade)
  • Sensory details – 25 total, 5 for each sense – write down the sensory detail directly from the book (in quotation marks) and include the page number (daily grade)
  • Character Traits/Challenges – Choose a minimum of 2 characters to track throughout the book; for each character, provide proof of a minimum of 15 traits they have or challenges they face (and how they respond to those challenges).  For each trait/challenge you need to provide a brief description (it can be in your own words, or directly quoted from the book) and the page number on which you found it (daily grade). NOTE: THE MORE TRAITS/CHALLENGES YOU FIND ALONG THE WAY, THE EASIER YOUR BODY BIOGRAPHY WILL BE!

This will be due upon completion of the novel in January; I will let you know the specific date as it gets closer.

8th – Independent Reading Final Checkpoint!



When is it due?         
Tuesday, December 17


What do I turn in?
Turn in a typed, properly formatted (MLA) annotated bibliography that includes all the sources you have accumulated this semester
(3 fiction, 3 poetry, 6 expository).


How do I submit it?
1. Give a hard copy to Ms. Robinson in class (preferred method)
2. Share it with Ms. Robinson on Google Docs
3. E-mail it to Ms. Robinson (


What kind of grade is this?
Major Grade

How will you grade it?
Check your rubric!  If you have lost the rubric, you can find it on my blog in the “Resources” section.


8th Graders – Peace Like a River Annotations


Click on this link to see your annotation assignment for Peace Like a River.  There is also a graphic organizer with it, in case you would like to print it out and use it instead of writing it on note book paper.

Peace Like a River Annotation Instructions

DUE:  Monday, November 4

-Ms. Robinson